Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Word FromThe Chief of Signal 22 Canteen

…A Word FromThe Chief of Signal 22 Canteen

Photo by Deirdre Ryan Photography

On behalf of the members of Signal 22, I would like to thank the many first responders from all of the counties and municipalities that have been loyal contributors over the many, many years we have served them.  

This past year, we have provided our services to hundreds of first responders
by providing food, assorted drinks, snacks, and many other things when
called upon. 

Over the years, as the technique of fighting fires, and rescue methods has changed, Signal 22 has evolved also.  Signal 22 now has a support unit which is being used as “Rehabilitation Unit” (rehab unit).  This unit will be responding with a 10’x10’ pop-up tent, two 60qt. coolers with water and Gatorade, four folding chairs, and assorted snacks.

In the beginning Signal 22 only responded to emergencies in the City of Trenton, and only offered coffee and cold sandwiches. We have expanded our response area to include a 30 mile radius of Trenton in New Jersey.  We have also expanded our choices of nourishments now to include water, Gatorade, hot chocolate, hot coffee, fruit, energy bars, hot, and cold sandwiches. 

John Donahue, Chief
Signal 22 Canteen